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How to Bypass,Unblock Or Disable Fortiguard Web Filtering Firewall | Hack Fortinet Filter

Basics of Fortiguard Bypassing

Bypass Fortiguard Filter: Lets know How to Hack and Unblock fortiguard web filter firewall
Do you like Facebook, Myspace,orkut,hi5,youtube or any other Social networking website if your answer is yes and it is blocked at your location then Lets get start with the basics. Fortiguard web filtering service is really hard to pass through. Mostly installed on networks in universities and Schools or work offices,just for content filtering and believe me it is very effective. Offcourse you know that as you reached here.
Fortinet is quite effective in blocking all type of proxy websites also. I joined to many proxy groups. They were sending new proxies to me everyday. As soon as I used any of the proxy websites it gets blocked the next day. Finding another and another is a real difficult task. May be on some places every site is not blocked but here in my university its really hard to make it through. Fortigurad is a real hell to pass through.
Now here I will be describing methods which I used to get it through. Some of methods Include use of websites to open websites and some others just use of common things which we ignore at times.

Fortiguard web Filter Screen

Fortiguard web filter

Bypass Fortiguard Web Filter

Now these are the methods you can use to bypass fortiguard web filtering  at your work place.
1. Use HTTPS instead of HTTP. - This is quite effective with many websites. Using https makes the connection secure between you and the website. Fortiguard is unable to block it. It happened with me here. However they certainly identified and now it does not works for me but still you can try. Some of the sample websites where you can use are--
  • Https:// 
Especially gmail is necessary as it is blocked at many places. Use this address instead of normal one.
2. Use Of Yahoo Babelfish translation- Do you know what yahoo babelfish is? It is a website which translates pages from one language to another. And this is effective as when you translate a page from german or any language to english, the result will be displayed in english only as the website mostly you want to surf will be in english only.
  • Http://  -      This is the website address. Go type the url change the language make it to any language to english and hit enter.
However there is a possibilty that it may have also been blocked at many places.
3. Use of Google Translation Service - This is same as Yahoo Babelfish. But it does not seem to be so effective for me at my place. Still you can try.
Use Of Portable Softwares To Unblock
If all this fails means You should go for Portable softwares which you want to use at your workplaces. As you can take it in a pendrive, they can be easily used with the single click. They will connect you through their proxy server. Here are some names--
  • Ultrasurf 9.5 6 7 8
  • Freegate 6.80 86 87
  • Puff the Magic Dragon
These are 3 portable software which you can use at you school or office. However Freegate has some limitations. It provides it service with specific countries. You can use other two softwares at your place to bypass any firewall service. They are awesome portable softwares to unblock any websites.
All three come in many versions. So use the latest one. For mozilla you might to change you settings manually. So keep surfing the web and don't get caught.

New Virtual Private Network Software to Bypass Web Filter

Virtual private networks are always great to bypass any kind of web filter. It lets you surf the whole internet with a good speed. VPN software connect to their server creating a vpn connection and thus they hide you and you surf the web from their computer.
Here are some new VPN and Non-vpn Software which I found recently that can actually unblock and help to get past all type of web filter.
  • TOR - It is a free software. It is open network which defends you against personal freedom and privacy. TOR helps you crack any filtering software. 
  • CyberGhost VPN - It makes you invisible. It's anonymization service gives you complete privacy in downloading any data, surfing and to share files on net. This is a great tool to use which helps to crack and get through filters.
  • The Free VPN - Free VPN protects your entire Internet surfing session; securing your connection at both your home network & on Public Internet networks whether it is wired or wireless. It is very effective and you must give it a try.
  • Freenet - Freenet is software which let you surf the internet anonymously without any fear of losing private data. You can browse the net, share the unlimited files and can publish anything on the internet.
  • IP Privacy - It is a hide IP software which let you browse the web anonymously with premium proxies in which you connection never slows. You can browse the web with the fastest speeds available on servers.
These are five Software which you can try and use for this time. But I am searching for more for you people who want to browse the internet privately. I will bring some new software when I will update this article the next time.

Do you have websense web filter installed on your network?

Click here to know how to bypass it.


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