Saturday, October 20, 2012

Best 10 Proxy Websites for School 2013

List of Proxy Websites 2012 and 2013: School and offices are such place where web filters are always installed to block certain websites. These websites mainly include social networking websites such as Facebook, Myspace and orkut. These websites are blocked and whenever you try to open them, you are going to get a message showing that website is blocked. Students try to open the websites through different proxy methods. There are many proxy websites available which helps you to surf the blocked websites. However many of them are blocked because now a days web filters are very strong. They update themselves with blocking of any new suspicious websites.

Here are best 10 Free online proxy websites through which you can surf the web anonymously :
  4. http://
These are some of the best in the internet which have lot of servers and they are not overloaded so you can use them at schools or offices. May be few of these proxy websites might be blocked at your school but not all of them. 

In fact I suggest you to join some proxy group on Yahoo groups or Google groups so that you can get free daily proxy websites right in your inbox. Groups will send you new proxy websites which are not blocked on the school web filter most of the time.

Good luck and don't get caught. 


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  3. it turns out all of these websites are blocked dont use this page!!!!!!

  4. When I was in my College I always wanted to access many blocked sites during my computer practical classes but these sites were banned from my network admin end and whenever there was a blocked site word in URL we received an “Access Denied” page but when I knew about this site it’s an Gold coin for me. I accessed blocked any site in my college by using
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  5. Some of these sites are blocked but do you know if we can bring our own laptop for school and would it still be blocked?

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