Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bypass Fortiguard Without Using Proxy Avoidance

Fortiguard web filtering is the best content filter I ever found. Bypassing fortiguard is certainly not easy. We got fed up the block of orkut late back in 2008 in our university. Then I looked out for methods to unblock fortiguard. Specially bypassing fortiguard with the help of proxy was possible. Many proxy software are available to do that.Bypassing fortiguard without proxy avoidance was the real challenge. With time, only 3 important methods that i found, I am going to describe below:

However, with these methods you can only view the web pages. You can not do each and everything on the web page. If you want to see the web pages in their current situation then probably you should go to cyber cafe.

Fortiguard Bypass

 Here are the methdos:-

1. Use HTTPS : - There are many websites which uses secure connection. Most of the time fortiguard at your place is not configured to block secure websites. So instead of using HTTP, you can use HTTPS to access the website. Here are some examples :-
 You can access these websites by using this address written above. 

2. Use Web Page Converter : - You can use online web pages converters. Google offers a tranlation for pages from other languages to English languages. But what if convert the page from English to English. The web page will be displayed in english. It will open inside using the Google's server. You can also use Babelfish from here are two websites which you can use:
 3. Using Website's Direct IP address - You can use the IP address of the website to directly access. However this method is not successful on fortiguard web filtering much. I tried it many times. But if the security is too weak, then only it works. This is how it's going to work. Try it out..

Open Command Prompt. 
Type PING GOOGLE.COM  - instead of google tyep website's name which you want to open.
Note the no. showing up on the screen which looks like ip address. Now open the browser and instead of typing the website address, type the address. There is a chance that it will open the website.

Hope these methods work at your place. If you know any other method than this, then do tell us in comments. Do subscribe and share the post with your friends.


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  5. none of the above worked.

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