Thursday, February 7, 2013

New Computer Tricks in Windows 2013

Our new tutorial will show you tips and tricks of computer which will help you to save time and be quick. Many times, people tell you how to do some kind of work on computer using a trick or lets say shortcuts. But it's human nature to forget all those tricks. This tutorial will exactly show you those tricks so that once again you can remember those tricks.

These are simple tricks and easy to follow. Few of them may look new to you but they are not exactly new computer tricks. We use them in day to day life but don't pay attention to it or forget.

1. Use Task Manager to End unresponsive application - Many times application freezes on which we are working due to overload and it becomes unresponsive for a long time. Secondly, you can not close it normally by clicking the red cross button. So open up the task manager by right clicking your taskbar. Click on process and select the desired process. Now click on END process. Now when you will restart, it will work fine. You can also press CTRL+ALT+DEL from keyboard to open task manager.

task manager

2. Triple Click to Select URL - Ever tried to copy the url in you internet explorer? If might you tried selecting it, which is quite tricky. However if you triple click the url, if will get fully selected and you can copy the url from the address bar.

3. Press CTRL + F to find - Suppose you want to find anything on the browser page or in microsoft word, you just need to press CTRL + F from your keyboard. It will open a small dialogue box asking you what to find. Simply type in the words and hit enter. It will find all the words which matches your entered description.

4. Press CTRL + J to open downloads - Many times you download files from internet in your Mozilla Firefox or Google chrome browser but after downloading, you can't get it. Normal reason is that because you don't know the path where it's saving the files. So to open the files directly, Press CTRL + J to open the downloads window of the browser. From there you can select you downloaded material.

Mozilla downloads
5. Free Disk Space - Your C drive might be filling up because of the temporary files stored by the windows in its temp folder. You can free that space by deleting the files in your temp folder. To open temp folder. Follow the steps:
  • Open run.
  • Type "%temp%" without quotes.
  • It will open the temp folder.
  • Now Shift + DEL to delete all files permanently.
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